Winner «The heart of the city»

«It’s easy to imagine a beach or a deserted forest, but what a big city? The urban environment stirs up all kinds of emotions in us, which is only a good thing because that’s what’s important: that every one of us forms our own opinion. What would be bad would be to feel unmoved before any piece of artistic expression».

Pereira has always been surrounded by art. His great-grandfather Fernando Labrada was the President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Rome and had a great influence on his perception of light.

He began a degree in business but quickly changed direction and entered into the Official School of Interior Architecture in Madrid. During his studies, he began working in different media agencies until 2005 when he started to develop his own project, founding the Coronel Truman agency. It was during this period that he came into contact with photography, thus developing a profound interest in aesthetics.

Obsessed with portraying isolation in impossible spaces, he presents us with iconic places where the sole survivor provides the scale and personality of each snapshot.

This jumble of mixed feelings has led him to compose an unprecedented symphony dedicated to the capital. A kind of photographic semblance of the city that allows the viewer to fantasize about the idea that, if only for a moment, they are the soleowner and visitor. (EL

Often, the downside to big cities, especially if they are very touristy, is that they are too crowded. This opinion is shared by Ignacio Pereira, creative director and photographer, who has managed to portray Madrid without people in its streets. (huffingtonpost)

It’s obvious that the life of a city is its inhabitants but these photos are wonderful for imagining a few unsettling moments of peace and quiet. They are like a Valium for the retina. (bocados de Madriz)

«They are disturbing scenes» that evoke particular feelings (Telemadrid)


2018 NOV. ART MUC  Isarforum en el Dt.Museum
2018 NOV. Galery Gaudí García Paredes 76 Madrid
2018 SEP. UBS Europe ES María de Molina, 4 Madrid
2018 FEB. Hotel Indigo Gran Vía Madrid
2017 NOV. Sala Setdar Subastas
2017 MAY. Ayuntamiento de Pozuelo
2017 ENE. Space Pangea
2016 DIC. Sala Masterclass